Walking tour – Wine Tasting

Walking tour – Corfu Wine Tasting Tour

A Taste full of Secrets!

Grapes from this mountain region yield a wine that bubbles ever so slightly; an undertone of sulphur and rock. Ask for red wine at Lakones and they will bring you a glass of volcano’s blood.”

(Lawrence Durrell on the wine from the Lakones region of Corfu) Dionysus, or Bacchus as he was known to the Romans, was one of the twelve Gods of Mount Olympus according to Greek Mythology. Myth has it that he was the one to bring the vine to Greece so he became the God of Wine. Hence it is no surprise that Greece has a long history in winemaking, continued until today, and constantly evolving. In fact Greece was one of the first territories in the world to not only produce wine, but to also make it a central part of its civilization, and to treat it with great sophistication. The Ancient Greeks even had the Oinohoos, a person who today would be known as a Sommelier… This heritage is continued until today, with wine being central to Greek life and entertainment.

Greek wines are considered by many to be rustic and idiosyncratic at first, but once you become accustomed to their unique earthiness you’ll find yourself wanting for more. Our selection will include modern wines along with styles and grapes originating from Greek antiquity.

But wine in Greece does not go unaccompanied. On our tour, you will have the wonderful opportunity to taste and discover high quality Greek wine, paired by an appropriate delicacy from the local cuisine. Our delectable Corfu fine wine tasting includes four glasses of distinct Greek wine styles, allowing you to savour some of the more than 300 domestic grape varieties grown here. Uniquely and creatively, we will also enhance your fine wine tasting experience by adding an element of art. This we have done by exclusively ‘blending’ it with a music pairing! Served in carefully selected proper and delicate glassware, the final touch to this full wine experience will be a fun and interactive discussion on the personality, aroma and flavour of each individual grape

The number of guests in each group is purposely kept low because Greek wine is especially about sharing, conviviality and human relations.

So, let’s get to drinking, eating, listening and enjoying… For a memorable tour of a unique wine tasting experience combined with the pleasure of tasting the Greek cuisine, you can trust us to offer you a night to remember.

Visit Points

  • Wine Bar – Restaurant
  • different varieties of Greek wines
  • Appropriate plates specially selected by our chef.

Duration: 2 hrs (18:00-20:00)

  • Price per person: 95 euros

Running: every day

The price includes:

  • A guided tour of the old town of Corfu
  • English speaking licensed guide
  • All food & drinks during the tour

Not Included:

  • Gratuities (optional)