Walking tour – Corfiot Handicraft

Walking tour – Corfiot Handicraft

Crafted passionately!

For all those who are interested in discovering Corfiot handicraft and for all the people who just love shopping, we have the perfect tour for you.
Corfu has many gift shops with local products and many laboratories that use olive wood, leather, clay and sailcloth, to make souvenirs and gifts. We have chosen the best and most special ones and we have included them into our walking tour at the old town.

Our first stop is in a pottery work shop. Τhere we are guided in the workshop’s secrets and we get to see how such beautiful crafts are created from just a piece of clay.

Continuing our walk along the narrow streets of the old town, we visit a gift shop with many products of the Corfiot land, such as Kumquat, a liqueur that you must try at least once during your stay in Corfu, as well as natural products and cosmetics.

Nearby there is an olive wood laboratory, where we will be amazed by the variety and style of things created from olive wood.

Our next stop is a leather shop where, in addition to bags and other leather products, we will find a large collection of Greek leather sandals made by the owner herself in her workshop.

Leaving the old town behind us we visit an old soap factory with a history of over 150 years, where it continues to produce handmade soap using traditional methods and locally produced olive products.

Our last stop is a workshop that makes bags of all sizes and designs from sailcloth. Salty Bag creatively reuses decommissioned sails, kites and parachutes, giving them a new life and new value.

Duration: 4 hrs (10:00 – 14:00)

  • Price per person: 105 euros

Runs: every day

The price includes:

A guided tour of the old town of Corfu