All you need is some Vitamin Sea!

Snorkeling is ideal for those who love the sea and want to explore the beauties of its seabed. It is the simplest form of diving suitable for small children and does not require much experience to train on it.

The duration of the activity is about 1.5-2 hours from the moment you arrive at the diving center. After completing a series of documents certifying that you are healthy, equipment is distributed to you. At first you are informed about how to perform the activity and then you get on board the boat, which is located right in front of the diving center, to be transferred (10 minutes) to the spot that the activity will take place. It’s a 40 minutes snorkeling tour, always under the supervision of a diving instructor.

Have fun while doing Snorkeling! Harmonize with the sea wealth and life under the surface of the sea. Play and discover treasures, underwater landscapes, fish and sea creatures. Snorkeling is a great way to combine sport and vacation.

Duration: 2 hrs

  • Price per person: 80 euros

Running: every day

The price includes insurance coverage, transfer by boat and VAT.