Sailing daily/weekly

Sailing daily/weekly

In smooth waters!

If you are interested in a private way to spend your day, just by enjoying the hot summer sun and the cool sea, we’ve planned the perfect day out just for you!

As we leave behind the port of Corfu, we approach the small island of Vidos at the entrance of the port. The islet of Vidos lies right opposite Corfu town. It is small in size, but has yet many special types of flora and fauna around it, thus it is protected as a nature reserve. In the ancient times, this island was known as Pythia or the island of Hera. A strong fort, also used as a prison, was built there by the French, but was destroyed by the British.

Then, we set sail for the northern part of the Corfu, across the coast line of the island, and in about an hour we anchor in a paradisal bay. The bay is a small pebble beach of incomparable beauty with turquoise waters, and the green nature that surrounds it satisfy even the most demanding visitor!

There we have an hour and a half free time to dive into the crystal clear waters, drink a soft drink or a coffee, and admire the exquisite landscape.

After twenty minutes of sailing, we approach our next virgin and breathtaking beach, where we have an hour free for swimming and sunbathing, while having a light snack and fruits on board.

Later on, we sail for about twenty minutes and we arrive at our last destination of the day. A beautiful beach, which a traditional restaurant lays on it, where we savour a delightful meal overlooking the endless blue of the Ionian Sea!

 Two hours later, we set sail for the port of Corfu!

Duration: 8 hrs

You can also plan your very own schedule!