Horse Riding

Horse Riding

The Joy of riding

For nature lovers and not only, we have the perfect proposal, a ride with man’s best friend and nature’s most majestic animal, the horse.

After arriving at the stables, you are introduced to the horses that they are suitable for beginners, because of their quiet nature and good manners, but are also spirited enough for the more advanced.

From the stables we enter a beautiful wooded area of oak trees; leaving the woodland we see the striking view of the village of Ano Korakiana in the distance. After a further 20 minutes, we arrive at the village and wind our way through the quaint houses and semi-rural landscape. The ride then continues for another 40 minutes through olive groves, wide dirt tracks, vineyards, and pastures of grazing goats and sheep.

After your horse ride cold drinks are served at the stables, allowing you to see how much care is taken to keep the horses in perfect condition. After every ride, the horses are untacked, showered and fed. Please bring apples or carrots as treats for them.

Horseback riding is safer and more comfortable in long trousers, T-shirt and full shoe.

The ride times are 10:00 – 12:00 and 16:00 – 18:00.

Duration: 2 hrs

  • Price per adult: 60 euros
  • Price per child: 50 euros

Runs: every day, except Saturday and Sunday.

The price includes:

Horse riding

Correct clothing (if necessary)

A good selection of hard hats

Public liability insurance

A bottle of water for the trek and a cold drink at the stables after ride