Easter in Corfu – A unique experience!

Easter in Corfu – A unique experience! 21-25/04/2022

Experience the unforgettable Easter in Corfu between morals and customs that have been preserved over the centuries!

4-days program

Maundy Thursday

Arrival and transfer to the hotel. The rest of the day at your disposal to visit the city of Corfu! Our suggestion is to follow the locals who head to churches to listen to readings from the gospels. After these services, the town’s bells ring out, signaling the arrival of a day of mourning.

Good Friday

In the morning take the opportunity to enjoy your first swim in one of the beautiful beaches of the island. In the afternoon you should visit Spianada Square, with the famous Liston, where the streets are thronging with processions each one headed by an epitaphios (an icon of Christ) and accompanied by a philharmonic band.

The highlight of this night is the last procession, the largest and richly adorned epitaph of the Cathedral accompanied by the mournful music of all the philharmonic bands of the town, which begins at 22:00 and ends at midnight! A unique moment of immersion that you should not miss!

Holy Saturday

The big day has arrived! On Holy Saturday the celebrations reach their peak. Visit the old town to follow the epitaph of the patron saint of Corfu, Saint Spyridon. A custom that has been maintained since the period of Venetian rule in Corfu, when the Venetians had forbidden the epitaph to take place on Good Friday night. During the epitaph, each Philharmonic band plays a ‘marcia’ that is played only on this day, culminating in the Marcia funebre Amleto, played by the oldest Philharmonic band on the island and in Greece.

At eleven o’clock in the morning, the First Resurrection is celebrated! With the sound of bells from all the churches, hundreds of huge clay pots, full of water, which in Corfu are called ‘botides’, are thrown from the windows and balconies of all houses, making a lot of noise. At a safe distance from crowds, of course, just for a show of renewal and purification. Subsequently the parade of all the Philharmonic Bands that play the joyful song “The Greeks” take place. At noon we suggest you to return to your accommodation for a little rest before the big night of the Resurrection!

Early in the evening don’t forget your appointment with all the islanders at the square of Spianada, where the resurrection service will be performed by all the priests of the big churches in a moving and enchanting atmosphere by candlelight! At midnight, the miracle of Christ’s resurrection is proclaimed once again, causing a spectacle of flickering light as thousands of candles are lit and the night sky of Corfu is illuminated by a kaleidoscope of fireworks. An experience that will be unforgettable!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday in Corfu town is comparatively quiet. Take the opportunity to go about from village to village and be filled with the smells of spring mixed with the smells of skewered lambs that you will see in every neighborhood! At noon enjoy your Easter lunch at one of the recommended restaurants.

Second Day of Easter

After breakfast departure for the airport-port.


Accommodation for 2 persons:

1. Studio in Dassia, 13km from Corfu town – 308 €

2. Studio in Corfu town, near New Port – 420 €

3. Double Room with Sea View, 4 * hotel in Dassia, 13km from Corfu town – 736 €

4. Double Room with Sea View, 5 * hotel in Kanoni, 4km from Corfu town – 960 €

Transportation can also be arranged!

Happy Easter!

Holidays that will forever be engraved in your heart!!!