Beekeeping for a day (private tour)

Beekeeping for a day (private tour)

Learn more about the magic world of bees!

An early afternoon departure for a sandy long beach at the southern part of the island!Corfu offers a treasure trove of heavenly swimming spots. That beach is one those! It stretches for more than 2,5 km and is considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the Ionian complex, with sand dunes and wonderful crystalline waters. There we’ll have two hours free to swim, to do water sports, to rest in one of the beach bars or relax under the sun.

Right after, we are heading to an organic farm. It is an ideal ecotourism destination in Corfu, ready to let you get close to nature and meet rare species of flora and fauna. There, a lunch is prepared for us in an organic restaurant, which is located inside the farm and they cook traditional Greek and Corfiot dishes with the traditional agricultural way of cooking, using only organic ingredients from the farm or from local certificated producers.

After enjoying our meal we’ll have the chance to learn more about the magic world of bees. In the farm is installed a dynamically developing beekeeping unit. There we’ll get a close look at the beehives, meet this wonderful insect and get informed about the modern dangers that it encounters. Totally safe with the equipment that they are offered, we’ll observe closely the process and the practices of traditional organic beekeeping. In addition, depending on the period of the year, you might enjoy one of the most complete ecotourism activities, participating in beekeeping, harvesting or the collection and processing of natural beeswax.

PRECAUTIONS: During the tour, you have to wear long trousers and shirts (not heavy) and regular shoes (no sandals). You MUST inform us, if you suffer from any kind of allergies! It’s also preferable not to wear any kind of perfumes or deodorants!

*The tour cannot be carried out when it is windy or raining.

The farm provides us with:

·        Water, tea or coffee

·    Protective clothing

·        Gift of bee-products

Duration: 6 hrs (13:30 – 19:30)

  • Price per person: 95 euros (min. 4 persons)

Runs every: Tuesday and Saturday   

The price includes:


Beekeeping lesson

Lunch in a restaurant