Batik workshop (private tour)

Batik workshop (private tour)

Impress them by your outfit!

The day begins with a visit to an organic farm, at the southern part of the island of Corfu, which is an ideal ecotourism destination. The natural landscape, the colors and the odors of a lake, the farm activities and the organic restaurant, will help you live a complete rural experience!

There you’ll have two hours at your disposal to learn how to design your own Batik fabrics. This experience will be memorable for you! The history of “Batik” is parallel to the history of textile industry. It’s an art that goes way back in time. People would extract colors from the environment, using natural methods. In this funny and creative workshop you are going to learn about its history and make your own creations, using warm beeswax and natural self-made colors!

You are free to choose between ready-made designs or you can be creative and make yours, gaining knowledge that you can even use to paint your clothes back home! This workshop is ideal and totally safe for young friends that love to paint!

After this unique experience you will have two hours free to enjoy the crystal waters of a beautiful sandy beach, with sand dunes, that stretches for more than 2,5 km and is considered one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the Ionian complex!

Then we will return to the farm to enjoy our meal in an organic restaurant which is located inside the farm. They cook traditional Greek and Corfiot dishes everyday with the traditional agricultural way of cooking, using only organic ingredients from the farm or from local certificated producers.

The farm provides us with:

·        Water, tea or coffee and snacks

·        Gloves and apron

·        Your creation to take back home

Duration: 6 hrs (10:00 – 16:00)

  • Price per person: 95 euros (min 4 persons)

Runs every: Tuesday and Saturday

The price includes:


Batic lesson

Lunch in a restaurant